There’s the good news and there’s the bad news.
First, the Good News!

The Staten Island film festival ( siff.nyc ) is primarily an industry event for professionals in film, television or the movie industry. So, that’s the good news, but it’s also the bad news. Many cool celebrity and special industry-related events are by invitation only, requiring an all-access pass.

Maybe you know somebody that knows somebody. The question is: “Is this cheating?

The other Good News is that most of the movies will be available digitally for online membership (a modest fee will apply). The public part of siff.nyc will feature many brand new artist installations and psychotic, yet unique, island experiences.

If you can get to the island and leave alive after this little festival, consider yourself lucky. That’s just how we roll here.

September 2020, siff.nyc will host its revival film festival, celebrating nyc and the once Forgotten and now Unexpected Borough. Updates will be announced here, March 2020 (MMXX).

We are so, so hot for film. Movies are our rub. We get a little touchy-feely about them.

There will be people to meet, plenty to eat, libations, opportunities amuck, and are inviting the cast of Spartacus for some elbow rubbing and heart-warming. Meet buyers, producers, directors, and peers who attend for you to sell your film. You do this like a cheap tart on a red light district street.

By March 2020, we’ll have the deets on dates and places. See ya in like a lion, out like a lamb: March!


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Our Sponsoring Partners will be delighted to learn that siff.nyc is now being run by an agency focused on hitting that all-important ROI. Every thing goes, from celeb gift suites, guerrilla marketing, to neuro-charged brand opportunities— stellar sights to behold. 

We are SI-nyc and this is what we do, who we are, and what we’re about. It’s a lot like a mind-altering orgasm for earned media, if you pardon the French. And boy, oh boy, do we have some Partners opps for you.

What!?! You have a crazy idea? Oh ho, let’s talk.

Give a call. Let’s see what we do.

You don’t have a plan? Okay.

You do? Good. Pick up the phone before we call your boss.

Oh, you are the boss? Then, never mind.

Okay. Text or Call: (718) 578-6613
E-mail us: [email protected]

Every body happens.